Donna and the pink jungle

Donna could not sleep the other day and wanted to go to the “papa room”- my study room. I kinda stayed up with her and in my lame attempt to make her lie down (to sleep la), I tried to introduce a jungle scene in my room. Within minutes we whipped this scene out with my quilt (the grass patch), her pink blanket (the sky) and chou chou (the rock).

When we pull the blanket over ourselves I began to understand the story of Totoro, Donna’s favourite cartoon.┬áIn a split moment the world consist of just Donna and papa, she began to count the stars (star prints on the blanket), she saw the shadows made by moving tigers, the hidden trunk of an elephant, even dolphins! At this point, the grass patch became the ocean bed and stars in the skies somehow morphed into starfishes…

In that short but precious moment, I don’t feel like a papa anymore, in fact it seemed like she was bringing me through an exciting adventure- to show me things that I can never see.