Why do people crave to go on a holiday? Many times it is not just because they want to see the world.. in fact nowadays, with the recently built Integrated Resort, Singaporeans are going on holiday locally. So what makes a holiday?

I for one desire a holiday simply because it is a break from the routine .. away from the mundane yet hectic life we lead. It will be icing on the cake if we get to a nice place with great company : )

Holiday is a time for us to recharge (in spite of your fatigue from all the fun you are having : P)… a time for us to really take a break and re-evaluate our lives (do I really like the life I am returning to?).

It does make me wonder… is life in S’pore so hectic and stressful that we constantly look forward to the next escape from reality? : P


Happiness is a state of mind.. not a state of life

I will be happy when I manage to earn $7000 a month…I will be happy when I shift to a condo… I will be happy when my kids grow up to be good people…. I will be happy when…..

While happiness is usually conditional, depending on the situation and what brings us joy, happiness is also a choice. We assume that we will be happy when this and that happens. But the happiness is often short-lived when we have achieved that something. For example, we thought everything will be good when we shift into a condo, stay near our parents, have two kids while juggling good careers, we were wrong. The happiness of staying in a condo was short-lived. In fact the shortest among everything. Then we realised that the driving to and from work is exhausting as we have shifted at least 25min further away from work.

To hinge our happiness on the state of our life is convenient but not always right. We may be disillusioned as a result of that. On the contrary, happiness should be a state of our mind. We are happy because we choose to be happy. We choose to be contented where we are, in what we do.

We will be leaving our well-paying jobs soon. We should be stressed out, and uncertain given that life ahead will not be as comfortable and easy. But the strange thing is, we are happy and we will remind ourselves to stay happy : )

Feel the love..

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” ~ Helen Keller.

After I returned from the long 13 day trip, I went to fetch my beloved little 8 month old son home. He was very cranky for days. Many times waking up in the wee hours crying at the top of his voice. He wanted to be carried and later I realised, he wanted to be carried by me. One night I entered the room when he was already asleep and the moment I uttered a word, he woke up in tears again. I carried him and soothed him to sleep again. He fell asleep unwillingly and it was only after another one hour of carrying and talking + singing to him in the early morning that he was contented. The next morning, he woke up with a smile : ) Finally!

I came to understand that all the while he was actually expressing how much he missed me. He wanted to sleep in my arms…as that was his way of feeling my love.  I did not expect a little baby to be able to show his feelings so strongly.

I love you my little baby : )


Everyone needs encouragement.. and I came to realise that encouragement goes a long way in building good self esteem and relationships : )

I read this verse somewhere, ‘ Our job is not to straighten each other out, but to help each other up. ‘ by Neva Coyle. It is easier said than done. In fact, the first thing we usually do when someone makes a mistake is to correct them – negatively.

Coincidentally, I saw a definition of ‘Obedience’ today and it says that obedience is the cheerfulness to do something willingly.

It daunt on me that all the while I thought having obedient kids is about them listening to me, no matter how they feel.  Got an awakening that it is only during times where I took time to talk to Donna.. explained why I was upset and then encouraged her to be a good girl that she really moved on.. and improved in her behaviour. It was when I spent enough time with her that she was better behaved. It was when I praised her that she felt assured of learning and trying out new things. But encouragement is not just for our kids.. it is for everyone around us. When did we last encourage and praise our spouse, our parents and our colleagues? Let’s do so today! : )

I am speaking at a slower pace now…

This is a good thing.. for me : ) Speaking at a slower pace is a sign that I am not as busy in my heart as compared to before (Milan). Yes, I must attribute it to the recent trip to Milan where people are relaxed and they take siesta in between business hours. This does not mean that I have less work, commitment or obligations on hand. But it does mean that I am slowing down to do 1 thing at 1 time at heart.

Slowing down does help to give us time to process our thoughts and our emotions. Unfortunately, in the fast pace society like Singapore, one hardly has the luxury of time to do so. Even if you do not want to quicken your pace, the world around you may inevitably influence you to do so.

I am determined to protect this standard of living for myself and my family. Yes, I feel that it is a standard of living! Our lives are better if we can just slow down, smell the roses, take stock of our lives and then move on with more gusto! And I am glad that I experience the goodness of it for myself so that I will guard it with all my heart!

It is good to take a break and do a dance at times : )

“Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life. ” Proverbs 4: 23

Easter Day!

Tomorrow is Easter Day and many will be enjoying the public holiday… buying Easter chocolates and bunnies for friends. For me, this year is particularly special mainly because of what I have experienced the past year. Even during the recent trip to Italy, I really felt that God was watching over us.. our family. We did many things at the spur of the moment but things just went well.. very well. The weather was unexpectedly good too. In fact on the train ride back, I thought I saw a mini hurricane while Donna was comfortably nestled on my lap sleeping away. The rain then stopped just in time when we arrived at the destination.

The breathtaking views at the countryside of Italy (see pic above) also reassured me that there is a creator of the world. And the creator is Great.

This past year is a year where we experienced breakthroughs and restoration in our lives. This is truly the reason for Easter. And we are truly thankful to Him : )

” I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. ” John 10: 10

Seeing through the eyes of a 2 year old

Hello! We are back! It has been a really fulfilling trip in Milan. More than the blessings and the wonderful sights, what blessed us the most is the bonding as a family. During the trip, Edwin and I could not stop but wonder how amazing it is for Donna to be with us on this journey. She survived two 12hour flights, two 3.5hour train rides when we were travelling to the ouskirts and most amazingly, she was happy being in a totally foreign environment for 13 days straight. It struck me that all that was on her mind was us. She was happy just being with us despite the uncertainties. It was such a feat for a 2 year old! I recall myself crying in a bus ride when I was young when the route seemed unfamiliar. Hence, I really appreciate my little girl.

Through it all, we know that she may not remember that she has ever been to Italy (in fact many friends warned us already). But one thing we know, this trip has definitely left a mark in her heart.. that she is loved, in fact very loved by her parents who shielded her from the cold, carried her when her legs could no longer walk… in a place she did not know. Donna, we love you and we are glad you know it too. Hugs.