Vulnerable times

This morning I suddenly had a flashback of the times I was at my lowest point. Those were my most vulnerable moments… And I remember my loved one being there for me. Because of his true love for me, I emerge as a better person.
There are times where we are not conscious of who we let into our lives when we are vulnerable. People with an agenda came and leave us even more vulnerable.
That is why the bible says ‘guard our hearts’.


Good relationships

Mrs Obama gave a very good insight on choosing the right partner.

You can read the article from the link below.

Somehow it just ties in with what I feel exactly in my last post. That we should not focus on the external factors such as good looks, status and what the person has. It is what the person is on the inside that will last.

No matter how gorgeous you look, one day your beauty is going to fade away. What is left is who you are on the inside.

It may be time for us to cut away relationships that are not going to last.

“Good relationships feel good, they feel right.” ~ Mrs Obama


Beautiful on the outside but vile on the inside…

We went to watch Pirates of the Carribean and I was really looking forward to seeing the mermaids! True enough, they were beautiful, very mesmerising and they looked so innocent, they simply melted people’s hearts.

But after they managed to lure the men, they dragged them to the most bottom of the sea and drown them.

Isn’t it scary? Not just how vile they are but how they look so good on the outside, almost to perfection.. but actually are totally opposite on the inside.

But this is not fiction. There are people who are like that.

I am always careful who I trust. And I think I am really blessed to be a girl who can have mind over emotions. Not many girls I know can.

They cannot help but fall for ‘bad guys’. They know they are ‘bad’ but they cannot help but stick with them.

I do not know how. But maybe it is good to first of all know that not everyone who is beautiful on the outside is beautiful on the inside?

It may good to study someone’s character before trusting him totally?

It may be good to know that very rarely can we change a person.

Love conquers all (sometimes).


Sometimes things happen and we do not understand why. We keep questioning, thinking and at times get so shaken that we cannot move on with our lives.

No one has any good explanation on why it happened.

At such times, I have learned to just trust in God. That He has a higher purpose for everything that has happened.

Years ago, an unfortunate thing happened to me and I was very affected for some time.

Then one day, I read a novel called ‘The Shed” that was recommended by a friend. The book was more than a good read. It gave me a new perspective.

In good and bad times, I choose to trust in God. He is the only one that has given me peace. The peace that surpasses all human understanding.

” Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. ” – Philippians 4: 6-7

What success means to me?

When I first started working, I asked myself what success means to me? My definition of success then was that in whatever i do, i could make use of my talents and multiply them.
After working for 9 years, I realized…. Hey I would still define success the same way..
Some of us may not have done so well in school… We may even have failed some subjects or repeated a year in school… But I realized failures do not spell the end of our lives. Many people I know did not do so well in school, but they are doing well in what they are gifted in. To the extent that they are gaining national and international eminence.. this is success to me. Doing what you are good at and excelling in it.
There are also some people who are very good academically but cannot excel in their work because they are stuck in jobs that do not make use of their talents.
The bible says God will judge our stewardship and faithfulness according to what and how we use our talents.
Don’t waste your talents; use them!


Some moments are awkward… the moments when you want to take the first step… the moments when you want to share how you feel… the moments when you simply do not know what to say or do…

I experienced such moments before.

In one moment, I knew that if I did not take the first step, I might miss my ‘destiny’… I’m glad I did and I found mine : )

In one moment, I knew that the person might be offended when I share what I feel. Nevertheless, I did because I knew what I share might make a difference.

I did all that despite the awkwardness because I know I might never have another chance to do it again. Once the moment is gone, it is gone forever…

Seize that moment of yours : )

Why play the blame game?

In my daily interactions with people, I notice that it is very common that we like to blame people for the ‘wrong’ things done.

Whenever something is missing, we will usually assume that ‘so & so was the one who misplaced it’.

Whenever something went wrong at work, everyone will be busy looking for the ‘culprit’.

Whenever something did not go well, we will find ourselves looking for someone/ something to fault.

I read in the papers about a celebrity couple who went through the wedding ceremony but forgot all about registering the marriage. The first response of the bride was this ” We were too busy preparing for the wedding… besides, everyone was so busy that no one reminded us to register for our marriage!” It seemed that she just laughed it off.

But I was disappointed with her response. This is her wedding. Why should she blame others for not reminding her of it?

It is a good reminder to me, at least, that I must always take responsibility for my own life.

If not, who will?

” The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own.  You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president.  You realize that you control your own destiny. ” ~Albert Ellis