” Imagination is the highest kite one can fly. ” ~ Lauren Bacall.

Children have great imagination! They play by imagining, enjoy and have a good laugh through imagination. Give them a cooking set, they will imagine themselves to be the greatest cook on earth. Put a blanket over their heads and they will imagine being transported to the galaxies.

Didn’t we used to be like them? We loved our barbie dolls, transformers, ninja turtles figurines not because they are multi-functional. But it is our imagination that brought us to a different level of play with them.

So, what has happened to us now?

Are we still imagining and conjuring up wonderful images of us having fun and joy? Or have we in the busyness of life, forget to take time for ourselves, for our childlike self- to imagine and wonder about possibilities of our lives.

Maybe it is time for us to pause and start imagining… And I promise you, it will be more than just fun : )


Spouse or kids first?

Yups… I know I am treading on very thin grounds here… talking about whether we should put spouse or kids first.

I personally believe in putting our spouse before our kids. Simply because I learn that in order for me to give love, I ought to receive love too.

We are all human beings with emotions… and a need for love. I realise that when I look after my kids and neglect my hubby, I will eventually run out of energy and the capacity to be kind and patient. Yup, I am not an angel…and will eventually run on low fuel and become agitated easily.

What happens is that my love tank is running empty… I need a refuel of love and attention from my hubby before I can give again. Yes, we can be loved by our children but as children, they do not express their love as often as you would like them to. More often, it is a simple and sudden mention of ‘I love you, mummy’ that melts our hearts. But before you know it, the running around, making mischief happens again.

Furthermore, studies have shown that a healthy marriage will lead to healthy families and children. What is the point of having excellent child-caring when you neglect your marriage and your own personal well-being?

Do what is right and necessary and other good things will follow! : )

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On S U P E R M A M A

Finally one of the rare occasion papa writes.

I’ve been asked many times by my friends, the media etc why we chose the name S U P E R M A M A as the name of our shop. I try to give a nice story on how we wanted to shape this as a typical mama shop (pop and mom store), and by giving it just a little special touch, we make it the SUPER mama shop! Well it convinced some but somehow I was not convinced myself- until I discover the real reason.

S U P E R M A M A is a gift for my wife. I think it is every mothers’ dream to spend time with their kids, hubby, family and yet have a little flexible time left to do a little bit of work. Sounds impossible in the Singaporean context but why not? So I shared about this shop idea with my wife and instantly her face lighted up. I will never go into anything risky without my wife saying yes, well, usually its a no… but this time it is a yes “yes”! So I decided to quit my job so that she can quit her job and RUN the S U P E R M A M A dream together.

Will this dream sustain in the modern and pragmatic Singapore? Honestly, we don’t know.

But whatever the outcome, all I know is that when we’re old, sitting on our rocking chairs and glazing into each other’s counternance, we will agree quietly in our hearts that we’re glad to have ran a dream together.

To all the mums out there, especially those who are working, I salute you. It is not easy being a stay-at-home mum, neither is it easy being a working mum. You are doing great!

To all papas out there, lets do something special once in a while- not for our children, work or whatever, but just for our wives and them only. They deserve it.

Gentle words….

“What the dew is to the flower, gentle words are to the soul.” ~ Polly Rupe

I realised that the older we get, the more critical we tend to be. Perhaps it is because of rising expectations, it is no longer as easy to be satisfied as compared to when we were younger.

We go through tests, exams in schools, interviews and performance assessments at work. We are so used to being assessed and judged. To the extent that we now assess and judge too easily.

With a new friend, a new situation, a new environment, our first response is ‘judgement’.

Praises from the heart, kind words and celebration will usually come after we make an ‘assessment’ if the person or situation is worthy of it.

But I made a very nice discovery these days, that apart from people who are a little more critical, there are also many who are encouraging. And the best thing is, they do not know us well. Yet, they celebrate our life, they are generous with kind words and thoughts. Such encouragement is not just good, it is very refreshing!

Indeed life and death is in the power of the tongue, choose what you think and say wisely.

Freely receive…freely give….

There have been a couple of misunderstandings between friends lately. Friends become upset and offended with one another. Yes, such feelings are not unwarranted. We can start to take sides and argue about who is right or wrong.

But what is the point?

Is it worthwhile to go through heartpain, break-ups in friendships because of misunderstandings or even trivial issues?

My response to all these is, ‘Freely you have received, freely you give.’

For many years, we have received much from the friendships… joy, love, sacrifice and wise words..

In times like these, think about what our friends have given us… and tell ourselves, it is time for us to give our love, grace and forgiveness.

It is not easy, but it is definitely worth it – simply because your friend does take a certain place in your heart.

Knowledge and wisdom….

“Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life. ” ~ Sandra Carey.

We can in the pursuit of knowledge mistake it for wisdom. As Singaporeans, most of us being pragmatics, tend to associate academic and professional achievements with success. The higher we go academically and professionally, the more successful we become or are perceived to be.

It is true to a certain extent.

But to me, a stay home mum who has good control over her household, and is able to impart good values to her children is as successful as a working woman who succeeds in climbing the corporate ladder.

Some of our parents are not even educated. Yet, they have such wisdom, character and tenacity that can put many of us to shame.

I have since learnt to respect people for who they are, and not what their titles say they are. Because ultimately, knowledge can lead us to success only to a certain extent. But If we have much wisdom, we can lead the good life.