Parenting is not easy but….

Today I attended a child’s birthday playdate with many of my old friends. Most of us have moved on in our stage in life to become parents.

I looked around and I saw many devoted parents whose priority at the party was not to enjoy themselves. Instead every parent looked out for their child’s interest. It has been a tired but happy day. The children tired after so much playing and the parents tired after so much tending.

The beautiful thing about parenting is although it is never easy… never cushy…. not exactly rewarding at all times…. we are actually developing our future generation!

They are our future and our legacy! I once told a friend of mine, a single mum that she is blessed simply because she has two children! They are her future! She beamed and counted her blessings more than before.

What about us? Do we lament about our children all the time or do we see them as our hope for the future?


Why we do what we do….

Lately we have been asking ourselves why we do what we do…

To set up S U P E R M A M A requires a lot of sacrifice, hardwork and faith. We have never been challenged, stretched and struggled with our faith on a daily basis until now.

But you may ask, why do it? Are we wasting our time and resources away?

We found ourselves saying that we are happy to do this. Although life has now taken on a new dimension, we have to do this.

This is our dream. This is what we always wanted to have.

If we were to shelve this for fear of failure, we will so regret it.

And both of us agree that we have to make our lives count, every minute, everyday!

Pursuing a dream is not always easy, but it is worth a try!

Pai Seh….

” Children have more need of models than of critics.” ~ Carolyn Coats.

” Pai Seh, Jia Lat….” came out from the mouth of my 3 year old girl, Donna. When I heard her uttered the words, I was like “duh….?”

Erhmm… I know where they came from – Us.

I know I cannot correct her nor criticise her for the usage of such words because I was the one who taught her to use them. Well not literally but by example. : P

Children pick up all kinds of stuff from adults. From the way we speak, the lingo we use, to the responses and reactions from situations so on and so forth…

So before you start condemning your child’s behaviour and bad habits, do think about where they come from? For all you know, they may have come from you. Oops!

Are we too important?

I came across a saying in a book that speaks of a geographer who claims he is too important to leave his desk to explore the world. To do his job, he only waits for information to be fed to him by an explorer.

Of course the book is fictional but on second thoughts, it is possibly the unspoken truth in modern society.

It speaks of complacency and pride.

If we are not watchful, we can become too important in our own eyes.

We become too important and too busy to survey the grounds.

We become too important to resolve problems; afterall we can always throw it to our subordinates and employees – that’s training alright?

We become proud and feel that our decisions are always right – even if we do not know the situation at the ground.

Sometimes we have to step out of our ‘ivory towers’ and experience what life is like for others.

Then we may realise, we are not so important afterall.

TLC – A very powerful ingredient!

My littlest one is sick and cranky since the past few days. On Day 1, he was cranky and could not sleep well (he also didn’t let the family sleep well) for the whole night.

Then I was home with him on Day 2,he was cranky and sickly for half the day. Then gradually by evening time, he was up and about in his usual self.

By night time, he was sleeping through with little fuss.

I believe that apart from giving him ample rest and medicine, it has to do with TLC- Tender Loving Care. When we give our child and even our loved one attention and care when they are sick, something almost magical happens. They smile even when they don’t feel on top of the world.

And what is more powerful is when the TLC comes from the parent and not other caregivers. Simply because no one can ever replace the place of a parent in a child’s heart. Yes, I believe not even the grandparents. 🙂