Black & White

When I was younger, many things are simply black or white. There are only two kinds of people in the world, the good and the bad. If I don’t like vanilla, I would be offered chocolate.

As I grow older, I realised that many things in the world are not black or white. Even people can be half-good, half-no good : P

Thus, I became more reserved in my judgement. Notice how kids like to say ” I don’t like him” – just based on one incident or one impression? But as adults, I have heard many married couple share how their first impression of each other aren’t good.

So what happened to the world? Nothing….

It is just us growing up realising that apart from the colour black and white, there are many other colours around. If you don’t feel like vanilla ice-cream, there is always raspberry or other complicated oops.. I mean sophiscated flavours around.


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