The Osaka encounter

We went to Osaka and we met with an angel. She is God-sent…really.

We barely knew her but she hosted us as if we were family. More than that, she introduced us to people who have been there, done that. Our takeaway from this trip is so much but the most important thing is that the people we met really stretched and broadened our minds – in terms of being passionate in what they do yet remain humble.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking : )

At a store where we had the best tea experience ever…..

You can even eat the green tea leaves with soy sauce… taste like steamed veggies : )

This man is amazing… he is the creator of the wood pebble in his hands….

And we went to a designer/ wood master’s place…  This is me with his v v cute Corgie….

He stays in a place like Totoro’s!

At the studio!

The wood master taught us how to make wooden objects!

This is the super wood master! Mr Toshi! He is not just very talented, he has a very big heart!  : )

The masterpiece(s)!

Finally… the angel revealed…..

She is Kaz, the owner of Kukkia – a lovely wooden toy company.

To Kaz – Thank you so much for your hospitality and love. We pray that you will be more blessed than you have blessed us and many others. Take care and we will see you again! : )