Donna and the pink jungle

Donna could not sleep the other day and wanted to go to the “papa room”- my study room. I kinda stayed up with her and in my lame attempt to make her lie down (to sleep la), I tried to introduce a jungle scene in my room. Within minutes we whipped this scene out with my quilt (the grass patch), her pink blanket (the sky) and chou chou (the rock).

When we pull the blanket over ourselves I began to understand the story of Totoro, Donna’s favourite cartoon. In a split moment the world consist of just Donna and papa, she began to count the stars (star prints on the blanket), she saw the shadows made by moving tigers, the hidden trunk of an elephant, even dolphins! At this point, the grass patch became the ocean bed and stars in the skies somehow morphed into starfishes…

In that short but precious moment, I don’t feel like a papa anymore, in fact it seemed like she was bringing me through an exciting adventure- to show me things that I can never see.


Are we really boring?

Just came back from Hong Kong not too long ago dog tired. It was supposed to be a break, you know.. taking a breather from the ever stressful pace of living here but it turned out to be the other extreme. I was really tired- not from work but shopping and eating till wee hours in the night. There’s such a zest of life (perhaps my friends over there may not agree and moreover I was there as a tourist). I came back to Singapore with ONE burning question- why does our shopping centres close at 9 or 930 when there is still such a large crowd?

I can’t help but to wonder if it is due to a standard practice that has already expired. I wonder how many standard practices do we have that is no longer relevant. Have we ever question why are we still teaching when our students can find everything on the web? Have we ever ask ourselves why do we need to go to an office for work when we can complete the same task more effectively at home? Have we ever question why are we doing what we dislike and not doing what we like? Maybe we can blame it on the single-season weather here that takes away the very natural influence of climatic variations- that make us boring. Are we merely going through the motion of standard practices and doing thing because our grandma says so?

I hope we can question a little more- and not spend the last 10 minutes before 6 to wait for the clock to strike 6. Just go la!

Lessons from Donna: Have we lost the guts to take risk?

I have a 2 yr old daughter. She knows no limits. She draws circles on paper and calls them Papa, Mummy and Toby. She doesn’t care about what you say- her circles are self portraits of her family. Yes she will learn but how quickly are we to “point out her mistakes”? Shame on us to present to Donna her first limitation.

Do we still dare do what we like or what God purposed our lives to be? Or are we flowing with and following the back of others. I question less as I grow older. Shame on the worldly system that presents countless limitations that silence me.

We are born different. Be different!

I love you Donna. Explore the world God created. Not the world man made.

Who cares about f=ma?

Have you ever question that out of the 40 friends you have in your secondary school class, how many of them are applying the concept of f=ma, integration or differentiation today? As an educator, have you ever question how many of your students actually requires the concept of “dirty green ppt” in their future? I’m not sure if we are doing things for the sake of doing things, or should we be bold enough to correct what may seem illogical. Your students are not going to be teachers like you, you know? 🙂

Educators need to rethink about our role in the society or we risk losing ourselves to it.

Take myself as an example. The Singapore employment system does not allow me to practice what I teach- they call it moonlighting. But isn’t it such an amusing thought that I have to impart my PAST experiences, to kids of TODAY- in order to prepare them for the FUTURE? Some things just does not make sense! Yet we have to live by it. It is this system that governs our society, to give it credit, it is this system that brings us to where we are- a first world economy. Systems and societies are complex concepts. What worked for the past may not be relevant anymore- yet how many of us are holding dearly to this false sense of security.

We need to think.

We need to question.

Hello wake up!

Our calling is not as sacred as we think we are.

Unless we choose to evolve with our society.

Who cares about f=ma?