Our last post….

This is our last post on supermamashop.wordpress.com.

Please don’t be sad….

Because we are moving the blog to http://supermama.sg/blog  : )

Yeah!!! Our website is up @http://supermama.sg! You can view our products online and yups, look out for our posts too!

For those who like our blog, we hope you like the new one better!

Enjoy and have a SUPER day ahead!


When I came home…

It is the first time we have been away from our two children for more than 7 days…

We are so thankful that they have been so well-cared for by our parents respectively. When I came home, Donna was still preoccupied with the probable plans with her aunties. Yup, sorry I wrecked the plan : P


Then when I saw Toby, he had been well-fed.. in fact very… His puffed-up cheeks lifted up when he saw us home.

They have grown more independent! I am so proud of them. : )

But no matter how independent or how grown, we are still close-knitted and tonight, when I tried to put them to bed… both were quite reluctant to fall asleep.

It seemed as if they wanted to spend more time with me- trying to make up for the lost time last week.

One word to describe this feeling – Bliss : )

I really thank God for my sweet babies….

What do you do when you miss your babies?

I miss my babies…very much!!

Last night I dreamt of them…. that they have started sleeping by 8pm : )

yes… that’s still a dream : P

I realised I miss them when I interject my conversations with “What do you think the kids are doing? “……

I started to browse through photos and videos of them on the iphone….

I asked my hubby… ” Who do you miss more? Donna or Toby? ”

I started to countdown to my holidays… (insane yah?)

All in all, this trip made me realised that having a break is awesome! But I feel incomplete without my whole family…

But if you ask if I will do it again, my answer is a sheepish… yes…… : P

The Important things

” The most important things in life aren’t things. ” ~ Anthony J D. Angelo

Our life is full of distractions, commitments, responsibilities and things to do. On a typical day, one can easily be distracted by the most urgent to-do things or by shuttling from meetings to meetings.

Sometimes we even regard our family time as a task on our to-do-list.

The truth is the most important things in life aren’t things. They are our relationships.

Relationships with our partners, parents, our siblings, our children, our friends and loved ones.

I was just thinking aloud if we were to have a priority list – things that matter to us alongside with a to-do-list, perhaps it will help us appropriate our time and energy more wisely. Cos while we all only have 24 hours a day, we have a choice on how to use them -wisely!

Big Little Girls

Someone once said, ” Mommies are just big little girls.”

I tend to agree : )

If I bore you with posts on mothers, I am sorry. But I really feel that mothers need lotsa encouragement and I feel that I just want to encourage all mums this season in time. : )

We become mothers the instant our baby is born. And without anyone teach us, we intuitively develop a nurturing spirit wanting to raise our baby in the best possible environment.

We do our best to care and nurture baby and baby just reaches milestones by milestones….till one point in time, he is ready to leave us (for half a day) for (pre) school. In our hearts, we look forward to him crying for us, unwilling to leave us for school. But on our lips, we say that we hope he will be strong and independent and walk straight into class.

When the latter happens, tears of joy (mixed with sadness) just flow down our cheeks. We claim that we are really fine, just too happy to see baby growing to independence.

We are merely Big Little Girls. On the outside, we may have aged, put on weight and look motherly. But on the inside, we are still who we are.

Like little girls who love to be pampered and loved, we crave on affection and attention from our baby, hubby and friends.

If you want to pamper us, treat us like Big Little Girls. : )

The Mom

” Nothing can stop the Mom with the Right mental Attitude.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

There is something about Mothers. They have a heart of sacrifice for their children and family.

Some give up their well-paying careers for time with their children. Some continue to juggle between work and household needs in view of their circumstances. Some give their all to look after their ailing child or in-laws.

Mothers have the capacity to cope and overcome for the sake of their household.

Yet, there are many who struggle with low self-esteem, unhappiness and bitterness.

They feel small that they are cooped up at home doing the menial chores. They feel bitter that they have to give up their dreams for their household.

But the truth is, the Mom is often the one who holds the family together.

If we as Moms believe that the daily mundane tasks of caring and nurturing our children would lead them to be better and greater people than us;
If we as Moms can see ourselves as a blessing to our family and society;
If we as Moms can visualise ourselves to be an inspiration to other young ladies around us – then I really believe that we will be UNSTOPPABLE in terms of our impact and influence!

Be an UNSTOPPABLE Mom Today!

Precious moments….

” If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves. ” – Maria Edgeworth.

This is so true. Especially in relationships and parenthood.

It speaks to me about being there for our loved ones.

Moments like when I was running a fever, my father travelled to Chinatown to buy a potent herbal tea for me.

Moments like when I was crying over the stress of sitting for exams, my hubby (then boyfriend) bought a flower to encourage me.

Moments like when I was so down, many closed ones came and visited me.

Moments like when we were desperate and had nothing, God came true for us.

As I realized how important those moments were to me, I purpose in my heart also to take care of my loved ones during moments they need me. Because it is truly such moments that shape the years ahead.