Our last post….

This is our last post on supermamashop.wordpress.com.

Please don’t be sad….

Because we are moving the blog to http://supermama.sg/blog  : )

Yeah!!! Our website is up @http://supermama.sg! You can view our products online and yups, look out for our posts too!

For those who like our blog, we hope you like the new one better!

Enjoy and have a SUPER day ahead!


The Osaka encounter

We went to Osaka and we met with an angel. She is God-sent…really.

We barely knew her but she hosted us as if we were family. More than that, she introduced us to people who have been there, done that. Our takeaway from this trip is so much but the most important thing is that the people we met really stretched and broadened our minds – in terms of being passionate in what they do yet remain humble.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking : )

At a store where we had the best tea experience ever…..

You can even eat the green tea leaves with soy sauce… taste like steamed veggies : )

This man is amazing… he is the creator of the wood pebble in his hands….

And we went to a designer/ wood master’s place…  This is me with his v v cute Corgie….

He stays in a place like Totoro’s!

At the studio!

The wood master taught us how to make wooden objects!

This is the super wood master! Mr Toshi! He is not just very talented, he has a very big heart!  : )

The masterpiece(s)!

Finally… the angel revealed…..

She is Kaz, the owner of Kukkia – a lovely wooden toy company.

To Kaz – Thank you so much for your hospitality and love. We pray that you will be more blessed than you have blessed us and many others. Take care and we will see you again! : ) 

More than meets the eye!

One word about this book – it is more than meets the eye! : )

It is beautifully crafted with various layers of papers that form waves of blue across the book.

Life is often like that too. It is more than meets the eye.

When we assume life to be simple and mundane, suddenly something wondrous happens!

When we look at the night sky and expect to see stars, a beautiful full moon catches our attention!

When we did not expect to meet nice people along the way, they bless us anyway!

When we thought all is hopeless, an opportunity comes knocking!

When we thought this life is not worth living, someone came and make every minute so worthwhile!

We ought to look forward because life is more than meets the eye!

There are angels around…

Recently I discovered something.. that there are angels around. : )

Angels in human form.

They like you and they bless you.

No strings attached.

No ulterior motive.

They just want to be a blessing and see you smile.

They make me realise that I do not need to wait for heaven to see one.

They also make me want to be one myself.

Just to bless, encourage and best of all with no strings attached. : )

On S U P E R M A M A

Finally one of the rare occasion papa writes.

I’ve been asked many times by my friends, the media etc why we chose the name S U P E R M A M A as the name of our shop. I try to give a nice story on how we wanted to shape this as a typical mama shop (pop and mom store), and by giving it just a little special touch, we make it the SUPER mama shop! Well it convinced some but somehow I was not convinced myself- until I discover the real reason.

S U P E R M A M A is a gift for my wife. I think it is every mothers’ dream to spend time with their kids, hubby, family and yet have a little flexible time left to do a little bit of work. Sounds impossible in the Singaporean context but why not? So I shared about this shop idea with my wife and instantly her face lighted up. I will never go into anything risky without my wife saying yes, well, usually its a no… but this time it is a yes “yes”! So I decided to quit my job so that she can quit her job and RUN the S U P E R M A M A dream together.

Will this dream sustain in the modern and pragmatic Singapore? Honestly, we don’t know.

But whatever the outcome, all I know is that when we’re old, sitting on our rocking chairs and glazing into each other’s counternance, we will agree quietly in our hearts that we’re glad to have ran a dream together.

To all the mums out there, especially those who are working, I salute you. It is not easy being a stay-at-home mum, neither is it easy being a working mum. You are doing great!

To all papas out there, lets do something special once in a while- not for our children, work or whatever, but just for our wives and them only. They deserve it.