Talk Happiness

” Talk happiness. The world is sad enough without your woes. ” ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

It is true. Sometimes I get discouraged after reading the newspapers. There are enough bad news around.

When I was younger, being optimistic is easier. Afterall, the toughest I was coping with was studies and earning my keep.

As I grew older, being optimistic and cheerful has become more challenging. Especially when we have so many things to contend with. Our work, parenting, taking care of our parents, financial burdens, health to watch out for etc….

But strangely, I realised that it is when I think happy thoughts that I feel more fruitful and fulfilled for the day.

I want to cultivate a habit to think and talk happiness. Because the sadder the world gets, the more the world needs to think and talk happiness!


Parenting is not easy but….

Today I attended a child’s birthday playdate with many of my old friends. Most of us have moved on in our stage in life to become parents.

I looked around and I saw many devoted parents whose priority at the party was not to enjoy themselves. Instead every parent looked out for their child’s interest. It has been a tired but happy day. The children tired after so much playing and the parents tired after so much tending.

The beautiful thing about parenting is although it is never easy… never cushy…. not exactly rewarding at all times…. we are actually developing our future generation!

They are our future and our legacy! I once told a friend of mine, a single mum that she is blessed simply because she has two children! They are her future! She beamed and counted her blessings more than before.

What about us? Do we lament about our children all the time or do we see them as our hope for the future?

Why we do what we do….

Lately we have been asking ourselves why we do what we do…

To set up S U P E R M A M A requires a lot of sacrifice, hardwork and faith. We have never been challenged, stretched and struggled with our faith on a daily basis until now.

But you may ask, why do it? Are we wasting our time and resources away?

We found ourselves saying that we are happy to do this. Although life has now taken on a new dimension, we have to do this.

This is our dream. This is what we always wanted to have.

If we were to shelve this for fear of failure, we will so regret it.

And both of us agree that we have to make our lives count, every minute, everyday!

Pursuing a dream is not always easy, but it is worth a try!

Expect the unexpected!

We so easily get caught up in the daily routines…for some of us, everyday is predictable. We wake up, go work, return home, watch tv and sleep only to go back to the next day’s routine.

Everyday and month seem to past us by so quickly but it is just that – time flies.

We do not expect new things to happen, changes and even miracles to happen. Everyday is just so routine.

But when I see the picture, I am pleasantly surprised. When you least expect things to happen, especially wonderfully things, it can still happen to you!

If you look at the branches, dry and lifeless, you would not expect to see fruits growing. But it did!

I am not sure how but it lifts me up! Miracles do happen!

Out of our daily routine and hard work, let’s also expect a miracle to happen for us!

My 100th post!!

I have been looking forward to the 100th post! Maybe because I feel that it is so cool for me to have blogged so far..

Maybe if you do not know me, I am naturally a quiet person.

But I do have many opinions about life and more so as I mature.

I never thought I would share my thoughts in a blog, but I did.

Sometimes, I blog about issues that I feel very strongly about. Sometimes, it is just about my two precious kiddos. Other times, I blog about issues of life inspired by what people go through.

It is amazing how blogging changed myself. I became more sensitive to people, to issues and to life. I tend to think deeper now.

I hope to continue blogging and be true to myself.

I like it and I hope you like it too. : )

Thanks for being with me this far!

Everyone has talents!

Donna loves drawing and at a young age, she would scribble and doodle on pieces of paper almost everyday. But more than the drawing, it is the encouragement to a young child that makes the difference. Whenever she draws an odd figure and claims that it is a bear, a dinosaur, mummy and so on… we would praise her and say to her ” So clever!”

These two words have gone a long way. Because of the encouragement, she draws better and better. She could even draw Totoro (her favourite cartoon character) and a cockroach (I got a shock and thought an adult drew it for her when she showed me the drawing).

Even if you do not think much about her drawing, I would still say the same – She is good! It is because I know, an encouragement helps a child in more ways than we can imagine.

So before you criticise a child’s work, think again….

Be who you are…

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” ~Judy Garland

Sometimes, we live under so much pressure and expectations that we neglect ourselves. We do things to please others and we make decisions which we have to endure. We become what our parents and our bosses expect us to be. We become someone we are not meant to be.

It is good to question ourselves at times:

Am I doing what I really like?

Am I happy with my choices in life?

For me, I rather be myself and be average then to be otherwise. And I have grown to appreciate myself for who I am – just average 🙂