Who do we see?

When we look ourselves in the mirror, who do we see?

Are we too preoccupied with ourselves that we forget the existence of others?

Are we putting on so many masks that we cannot even tell who our real selves are?

Have we been dwelling on the negative too much that all we see is a wrinkled face, a person who looks beyond her age?

When was the last time we seriously look ourselves in the mirror and think about the person we see?

You will be surprised, you might not recognise the person you see….

And I hope it is for the better : )



” It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer. ” ~Albert Einstein

We all encounter difficult situations and problems in our life. Problems at work, in school, at home, in relationships and even with your dog.

Some are tough, some are manageable and some easy to solve.

Our value increases when we are able to solve and troubleshoot tough problems, knotty issues in life and at work. We do not increase in value solving issues that can be solved with our eyes closed – because they are simply not problems anymore.

And our value will increase even more when we are willing to stay with problems, resolving to solve them for ourselves or for others.

This is because at the end of the day, it is not the problems that matter…. but it is our character….

A problem is merely a tool in moulding our character.

Let us stay and be a problem solver!

Life ….!

Life can teach us many things.

As I grow older, I realised the lessons and what shaped me into who I am, aren’t exactly the social studies and moral education lessons in school. I am a result of my life experiences inside and outside of school.

I would never learn to take good care of my belongings until I broke my water bottle which I have saved for a week to buy.

I never knew how tough earning money is until I started earning my own.

I never knew that there are many different types of people in the world until I started working.

Learning and growing start the moment we absorb the going-ons in our surrounding; when we are willing to listen and learn from those who are wiser and more experienced; when we value wisdom more than knowledge.

Our life is our teacher… the moment you allow it to be. : )

The Osaka encounter

We went to Osaka and we met with an angel. She is God-sent…really.

We barely knew her but she hosted us as if we were family. More than that, she introduced us to people who have been there, done that. Our takeaway from this trip is so much but the most important thing is that the people we met really stretched and broadened our minds – in terms of being passionate in what they do yet remain humble.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking : )

At a store where we had the best tea experience ever…..

You can even eat the green tea leaves with soy sauce… taste like steamed veggies : )

This man is amazing… he is the creator of the wood pebble in his hands….

And we went to a designer/ wood master’s place…  This is me with his v v cute Corgie….

He stays in a place like Totoro’s!

At the studio!

The wood master taught us how to make wooden objects!

This is the super wood master! Mr Toshi! He is not just very talented, he has a very big heart!  : )

The masterpiece(s)!

Finally… the angel revealed…..

She is Kaz, the owner of Kukkia – a lovely wooden toy company.

To Kaz – Thank you so much for your hospitality and love. We pray that you will be more blessed than you have blessed us and many others. Take care and we will see you again! : ) 

When I came home…

It is the first time we have been away from our two children for more than 7 days…

We are so thankful that they have been so well-cared for by our parents respectively. When I came home, Donna was still preoccupied with the probable plans with her aunties. Yup, sorry I wrecked the plan : P


Then when I saw Toby, he had been well-fed.. in fact very… His puffed-up cheeks lifted up when he saw us home.

They have grown more independent! I am so proud of them. : )

But no matter how independent or how grown, we are still close-knitted and tonight, when I tried to put them to bed… both were quite reluctant to fall asleep.

It seemed as if they wanted to spend more time with me- trying to make up for the lost time last week.

One word to describe this feeling – Bliss : )

I really thank God for my sweet babies….

The loveliest thing in Osaka….

The loveliest thing in Osaka is the people we met.

There is an angel who hosted us and introduced us to many wonderful and passionate people. But the most amazing thing is they are so successful yet so humble.

I think the most important thing we learnt from them is their humility.

I believe they are so great because they are so humble. It is because they do not think the world of themselves that they keep learning and improving. How refreshing to be in company of such people : )

We are sure we will be back in Osaka again! These people are giants in the land!

” Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom. ” ~ James 3: 13

What do you do when you miss your babies?

I miss my babies…very much!!

Last night I dreamt of them…. that they have started sleeping by 8pm : )

yes… that’s still a dream : P

I realised I miss them when I interject my conversations with “What do you think the kids are doing? “……

I started to browse through photos and videos of them on the iphone….

I asked my hubby… ” Who do you miss more? Donna or Toby? ”

I started to countdown to my holidays… (insane yah?)

All in all, this trip made me realised that having a break is awesome! But I feel incomplete without my whole family…

But if you ask if I will do it again, my answer is a sheepish… yes…… : P